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Hey ya’ll,

Sorry for our lack of updates through the blog…we are blaming it on global warming.  Really though, we’ve been very busy writing new music and devising a plan for 2014!  Shows, merchandise, and maybe even a return to the studio for a full length album!  Until then, we just want to remind you of the places to SEE and HEAR MobLob at your leasure!  

Live Music!

Here is an audio player containing our most recent live show at The Cabooze (set list available on the website):

We have a few other live shows available at


4 Studio Songs ($FREE$)!

The link above will bring you to our FREE 4 song EP!



Your next epiphany is fast approaching.

While you were at work today, thinking about the thing that is bothering you, you decided something about yourself.  You decided that you are not the kind of person who allows life to merely happen to you.  You decided that you are the kind of person who makes it happen.  You have a choice, and only you can be the one to make it.  Your choice will determine everything that happens next.  On October 23rd, what will you choose?




9PM @ The Cabooze


SOAP w/ Mobster Lobster on Oct. 23rd!

The next MobLob show is going to be a dance night of epic proportions!!  SOAP ( has invited us to play with them on Wednesday, October 23rd!  Here are the details:

Soap w/Mobster Lobster @ The Cabooze (Minneapolis, MN)

Wednesday, October 23rd

Music starts @ 9pm with MobLob


$5,  2 for 1 entry w/ College ID

$3 drink specials ALL NIGHT!

If you are a Facebook user, follow this link to RSVP and enter for a chance to win FREE ENTRY +1:

Soap Facebook Event

Also, our friend Riley will have another sweet poster design very soon…KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR THAT!

Stay tuned,


Friday the 13th…O’Garas…Are you ready?

We are 6 days away from Mobster Lobster and Jill & The New Grüv at O’Garas!  Here’s everything you need in a sweet poster:

O'Garas poster

$5 cover                  21+

$4 “Lobster Claw” Drink Special

Riley Hare ( will be at the show selling custom screen printed versions of the poster above!  Also, Sik Pin ( will be showcasing some of their buttons!  We hope to see you all dancing the night away the 13th!



New 4-track EP. Upcoming Shows. Celebration.

Beautiful Funky People,

Mobster Lobster is totally stoked.  We are celebrating life, love, and the pursuit of good grooving.  We are celebrating that feeling when your ears open your brain and body to hip-shaking sound waves born of tasty bass lines. We are celebrating your inability to stay still while drum beats funk up an otherwise commonplace day. We are celebrating the awakening gut-punch of organ sounds. We are celebrating guitar licks that get you out of your chair. We are celebrating your exceptional dance moves at our next show.  Please celebrate with us.  Your body and soul will thank you.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nokomis Block Party

Oxendale’s Parking Lot

Corner of 34th Ave and 51st St. South, Minneapolis, MN

Music starts at 11:30 AM

 Friday, September 13, 2013

O’Gara’s Bar and Grill

164 N Snelling Avenue, St. Paul, MN.

9PM/ 21+/ $5 at-the-door

We are also celebrating the recent release of our self-titled EP, Mobster Lobster.  Click below to feel the music.

Check our facebook for new tunes from our latest live performances, twitter for goofy thoughts from Murphy’s brain, and back here for info on upcoming shows and other new stuff. Be well and dance often.