2 More MOBLOB Shows Streaming For You!!!

Wisconsin has NO IDEA what MobLob is bringing this weekend!!

Now that we have all of the kinks worked out of this Live Streaming thing, we have worked it out so that YOU can watch MOBLOB perform at Malarkey’s Pub Friday night and Dewey’s Roadhouse Saturday night!!  We are performing all night at both venues, so there will be plenty of MOBLOB to go around 🙂  We hope to have you tuning in this weekend for some new originals, new covers, and 2 great nights of music!



Friday Night at Malarkey’s Pub in Wausau, WI.  This stream starts at 10pm.

Saturday Night at Dewey’s Roadhouse in Chippewa Falls, WI.  This stream starts at 9pm.


Watch MobLob Live in the Studio Friday and Saturday!!

Who’s ready to see and hear what MobLob is recording in the Studio this weekend?!?!

We are very excited to get back into Essential Sessions Studio in St. Paul with our good buddy and audio engineer extraordinaire Bo Bodnar this Friday and Saturday, and YOU lucky ducks get to be RIGHT THERE WITH US with our live stream through YouTube!  The TOP video below is for FRIDAY NIGHT and the BOTTOM video is for SATURDAY NIGHT.  The stream is scheduled to start at 9pm currently, but if we are ready to go a little early we will let you all know through Facebook (www.facebook.com/moblob) and Twitter (@MobLobBand).  Finally, we will be answering any questions or fielding any comments through our Facebook and Twitter as well, so come talk to us won’t you?

Enjoy 🙂

Friday Night

Saturday Night

May 10th: Fargo Marathon Performance!

We are really excited to be back in Fargo to play for all of the Fargo Marathon 2014 participants!  Our spot this year is legit; we are next to the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K routes!   Here is a map of the course (that Franky doctored up  to show you where we are playing):

"MobLob" MAPS_Marathon2014_Combined

Good luck to all the participants in this year’s Fargo Marathon!  We’ll be rockin’ hard for ya 🙂

See you Saturday!


Live MobLob is always available @ archive.org!

Hey ya’ll,

Sorry for our lack of updates through the blog…we are blaming it on global warming.  Really though, we’ve been very busy writing new music and devising a plan for 2014!  Shows, merchandise, and maybe even a return to the studio for a full length album!  Until then, we just want to remind you of the places to SEE and HEAR MobLob at your leasure!  

Live Music!

Here is an audio player containing our most recent live show at The Cabooze (set list available on the archive.org website):

We have a few other live shows available at https://archive.org/details/MobsterLobster.


4 Studio Songs ($FREE$)!


The link above will bring you to our FREE 4 song EP!



Your next epiphany is fast approaching.

While you were at work today, thinking about the thing that is bothering you, you decided something about yourself.  You decided that you are not the kind of person who allows life to merely happen to you.  You decided that you are the kind of person who makes it happen.  You have a choice, and only you can be the one to make it.  Your choice will determine everything that happens next.  On October 23rd, what will you choose?




9PM @ The Cabooze