New 4-track EP. Upcoming Shows. Celebration.

Beautiful Funky People,

Mobster Lobster is totally stoked.  We are celebrating life, love, and the pursuit of good grooving.  We are celebrating that feeling when your ears open your brain and body to hip-shaking sound waves born of tasty bass lines. We are celebrating your inability to stay still while drum beats funk up an otherwise commonplace day. We are celebrating the awakening gut-punch of organ sounds. We are celebrating guitar licks that get you out of your chair. We are celebrating your exceptional dance moves at our next show.  Please celebrate with us.  Your body and soul will thank you.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Nokomis Block Party

Oxendale’s Parking Lot

Corner of 34th Ave and 51st St. South, Minneapolis, MN

Music starts at 11:30 AM

 Friday, September 13, 2013

O’Gara’s Bar and Grill

164 N Snelling Avenue, St. Paul, MN.

9PM/ 21+/ $5 at-the-door

We are also celebrating the recent release of our self-titled EP, Mobster Lobster.  Click below to feel the music.

Check our facebook for new tunes from our latest live performances, twitter for goofy thoughts from Murphy’s brain, and back here for info on upcoming shows and other new stuff. Be well and dance often.


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