HoneyPic Darin Doty: Guitar/Vocals

Andy  Andy Wolf: Guitar/Vocals

Franky  Franky Anderson: Bass/Vocals

Murphy  Murphy Janssen: Drums

Matt  Matt Prorok: Keyboards/Vocals


Mobster Lobster is a group of friends combining to create a sound that is a great representation of all of their musical tastes. Their grooves have the driving bass and drums derived from funk music, the improvising and complexity of jazz, the power and energy of rock n’ roll, and even some structural qualities of classical music. Let’s get to know the group, shall we?

Andy Wolf (guitar/vocals) and Darin Doty (guitar/lead vocals) both grew up in Fargo, ND and have known each other for virtually their entire life. Andy’s musical training from 2 different colleges along with Darin’s creative lyrical writing and bluesy style of singing and playing make for a great front row. Franky Anderson (bass/vocals) is from Ada, MN. His jazz understanding as well as knowledge of many different musical styles makes him ready for wherever any jam will go. Murphy Janssen (drums) grew up in De Pere, Wisconsin. Currently studying music at St. Thomas University in St. Paul, MN, Murphy has the ability to fit into any type of crazy groove the group dreams up, as well as being a big influence to the new music they are creating every rehearsal/performance. Last, but certainly not least, Matt Prorok (keyboards/vocals) hails from Brookeville, MD. Matt’s experience playing shows from his time at Penn State University and his keyboard/vocal expertise adds the finishing touch to this all-star group.

With new ideas happening every time this group gets together to play, Mobster Lobster is an evolving group that is progressing rapidly to become a band that you certainly will not want to miss perform. Prepare to dance and be happy, friends, because once Mobster Lobster starts grooving…they don’t stop!


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