7/23/13 – Lobster Tank Face Lift/ New Tunes Jam Sesh

Friends of Mob Lob,

We just finished our first full rehearsal in our recently re-vamped Jam space and the result was very dance friendly.  We couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming months and next couple of shows.  Writing new tunes has kept us busy the last few weeks, so be sure to check back soon for audio samples (if Andy remembers to push record) and upcoming concert dates.


Before Lobster Tank Panorama

Finished Lobster Tank Panorama


Much Peace, Much Love.


Our new blog!


Hello Moblobers!

Welcome to our brand new WordPress site!  As of now, you can read our biography in the “About” page, listen to music on our Bandpage sidebar, and like/follow us with the Facebook and Twitter sidebar options!

As for the future, we will be posting updates about upcoming shows, new music, ideas for shows, merchandise, and much much more!  So, subscribe to us however you like (bookmark us, RSS feed) and keep up with Mobster Lobster!